Motivation and remuneration

Maris Vaino | 12/4/2019 | 3:19 PM

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The National Audit Office employs nearly a ninety people and approximately 3/4 of them are directly engaged in auditing while the remaining fourth supports audit activities and organises general management. The average age of the staff is 41 years and the largest age group is that of public servants aged 31–40 years (40%). Approximately 2/3 of the employees are female.

The long-term success of the National Audit Office is made possible by our employees who contribute to it with their ethical values, knowledge, skills, experience and initiative. The National Audit Office is staffed with experienced, professional and independent people who care about the country and want to contribute to its development.

Career in the National Audit Office gives you an opportunity to influence the development of the country and the organization, to gain trust and take more responsibility, to develop audit skills and knowledge of the field.

The National Audit Office values its employees by creating good working conditions and working environment for them:

  • The National Audit Office values flexible work hours - it uses flexible forms of work such as sliding schedules and teleworking.
  • The National Audit Office is committed to the comprehensive development of its people, and supports the participation of its employees in various national and international working groups, traineeships, as well as their rotation in other organizations and countries, and offers other development opportunities.
  • The National Audit Office supports academical studies of its employees in both master's and doctoral programs, as well as other academic or expert activities outside the organization, by creating time opportunities, provided that it does not harm the organisation’s interests or coping but promotes long-term productive employment.
  • The National Audit Office takes care of the well-being and health of its employees by ensuring healthy and environmentally friendly working environment and a wide range of occupational health services, as well as by supporting their sports activities.
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