What do we look for in prospective employees?

Maris Vaino | 12/4/2019 | 3:06 PM

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We want each and every employee of the National Audit Office to be motivated, independent and competent professionals interested in the development and wellbeing of the state and the National Audit Office as much as in their own development and wellbeing and ready to share their experience and cooperate with all colleagues.

Upon identification of the need for recruitment all possible internal candidates are always considered and the organisation is notified of the need to find a new member and of a search profile in order to give the existing employees the chance to recommend reliable candidates.
General requirements for candidates include independence, reliability, higher education and intelligence, specialty-relayed or professional effective experience and professionalism, interest in the development of the state, respect for ethics, capability, and ability to develop.
The National Audit Office contributes to the adaptation of new employees in the organisation. A new employee gets a supervisor, an adaptation programme, goals for the probationary period, and supportive attitude of all colleagues.

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