National Audit Office as an employer

Maris Vaino | 12/4/2019 | 1:49 PM

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The National Audit Office employs nearly a hundred people and approximately 3/4 of them are directly engaged in auditing while the remaining fourth supports audit activities and organises general management. The average age of the staff is 39 years and the largest age group is that of public servants aged 21-30 years (39%). Approximately 2/3 of the employees are female.

Experienced and professional people who are independent and who care about the state and want to contribute to its development pursue successful careers in the National Audit Office.

We treat our people fairly and with respect and expect the same from them with regard to one another as well as the National Audit Office. The employment and service relationships of the National Audit Office are demanding, but we try to be fair and contemporarily flexible in their day-to-day organisation.

The National Audit Office, valuing its status as a constitutional institution, sees its public servants as independent and loyal experts and considers the employees with their ethical values, knowledge, skills, experience and initiative as the main guarantors of the long-term successfulness of its activities.

Various restrictions apply to the officials of the National Audit Office: they are not allowed to strike or participate in other employee pressure events that disturb the activities of the National Audit Office.

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