Motivation and remuneration

Maris Vaino | 12/4/2019 | 3:19 PM

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The National Audit Office finds that the main motivating factor is the opportunity to influence the development of the organisation and state, earn trust and increase responsibilities, develop audit professionalism, and become a recognised expert in the field of auditing.

The National Audit Office values its employees and provides them with necessary and appropriate working conditions. The employees are ensured a healthy working environment and where possible such flexible forms of work as non-standard working hours and telecommuting are used.

The National Audit Office supports its employees who participate in various national and international work groups and programmes. In order to raise employees’ qualifications and work results the National Audit Office pursues international cooperation in order to give the opportunity to practice in European audit institutions and central institutions.

Through granting our employees time off work we encourage pursuing master’s and doctoral studies among our employees as well as other academic or expert activities, provided that it does not harm the interests or functioning of the National Audit Office and supports a long-term effective employment relationship.

We ensure mediating occupational health services and offer additional benefits in participating in advisory physical training through partial coverage of expenses.

The National Audit Offices has uniform and clear principles of payment of salaries, additional remuneration and bonuses, which are available in a salary guide and accessible to everyone in and outside the organisation.

The pay system places the competitiveness of salaries above everything else, because it is an important factor in ensuring the independence of the body of auditors. Upon creating the system, it is proceeded from the value of jobs which is systematically compared with objective pay surveys. The remuneration of comparable positions is determined as a fund and the direct supervisor along with the general supervisor decides on specific salaries based on the qualifications and results of an employee.

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