Internship in the National Audit Office

Maris Vaino | 12/4/2019 | 3:30 PM

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The National Audit Office gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the public sector. Above all, students interested in the functioning of the state and prudent use of state assets are welcome to our internship programme.

Interns can gain interesting work experience in a field of their choice. The National Audit Office, in turn, is interested in the opportunity of introducing its organisation and area of activity and to get innovative ideas and thoughts from students to develop its activities.
Internship is available throughout the year and interns are given specific duties for the period of internship. They get a supervisor who coordinates their activities and draws up an internship plan. Payment of remuneration to an intern is not a rule, but depends on their duties and contribution.

To apply for internship send an e-mail to [email protected] and attach your résumé, application and internship plan. In the application indicate the following:

  • preferable length and period of internship;
  • why you want to join the National Audit Office's internship programme;
  • in what structural unit of the National Audit Office you wish to work as an intern;
  • if you have a specific research subject/area of interest that you wish to attend to during the internship, describe it as closely as possible (focusing on problems).

The Personnel Coordinator will give you an overview of our opportunities within two weeks.

If you have any further questions, contact:

Maris Vaino, phone +372 640 0793, e-mail [email protected]


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