Principles of communication with the media

Toomas Mattson | 12/14/2009 | 10:27 AM

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Given the specifics of the work of the National Audit Office we have our own underlying principles of communication with the media:

The National Audit Office does not work for the media, but for the state and taxpayers. Media communication is one of the instruments which, when properly used, may increase the effectiveness of the work of the National Audit Office in a certain situation and in the case of certain events. Media communication is but one way of introducing our work and its results to the general public as well as to the target groups that are difficult or impossible to cover by way of direct communication. Thus, media communication as well as planned absence thereof may be a part of audit communication.

The media relations of the National Audit Office are organised and coordinated by the Communication Manager. The entirety of the information that is meant for the media is usually communicated by the Communication Manager.

For the purpose of communicating and explaining its activities and work results via the media the National Audit Office flexibly uses the ways and means that, according to the Communication Manager, are appropriate and relevant in the given case.

In each individual event the amount of information aimed at the media, the manner of communication, timing and other similar things are determined by the Communication Manager in cooperation with relevant persons and units, taking into account their considerations as much as possible.

Inquiries by journalists, which can be replied to without having to synthesise new information and the replying to which depends solely on the Communication Manager are usually replied to within two hours as of the commencement of processing the inquiry.

The entirety of the information communicated to the media by the National Audit Office must be true, although the information communicated to the media may not constitute the whole information that the National Audit Office has in the matter at hand. The reputation of the National Audit Office depends on the trustworthiness of the communicated information. If we have made a mistake, we admit it and apologise.

In communicating with the media the National Audit Office takes into account the characteristics arising from the nature of the audit organisation, which is expressed in the required discreetness and appropriate temper as well as political neutrality. The National Audit Office takes into account the attainment of the desired goal when creating messages and determining their tone and emphases, thereby preferring, where possible, long-term goals to short-term ones.

The National Audit Office avoids disproportionate opposition to the audited via the media. At the same time the National Audit Office takes the specifics of each case into account and acts on the basis of its considerations. The goal of the National Audit Office’s communication with the media is to support positive changes and implementation of the recommendations of the National Audit Office.

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