The National Audit Office is hosting a delegation from the State Audit Institution of Oman

10/24/2023 | 9:50 AM

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TALLINN, 24 October 2023 – Experts in the field of information technology from the State Audit Institution of Oman are visiting the National Audit Office today and tomorrow. The purpose of the visit is to share Estonia’s experience in digital transformation.

The employees of the National Audit Office will introduce to their colleagues from Oman digital tools that support the audit process as well as activities in the field of data analytics and automatisation of financial audit. In addition, the program will also include a visit to the e-Estonia Briefing Centre in order to provide the visitors with an overview of the digitisation journey of Estonia and its e-solutions.

Priit Simson
Head of Communications of the National Audit Office of Estonia
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  • Posted: 10/24/2023 9:50 AM
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Oman delegation met with Estonian Auditor General Mr Janar Holm.

Toomas Mattson/National Audit Office of Estonia

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