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9/1/2004 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 1 September 2004 - Today, on Knowledge Day, Mihkel Oviir, the Auditor General, awarded prizes to the students who had submitted the best research for the student research competition held by the State Audit Office.

Triin Parts (left, in the photo) won first prize in the competition with her research titled “Support for use of preferential generic pharmaceuticals as an opportunity for keeping down health care expenses in Estonia (Geneeriliste soodusravimite kasutamise toetamine kui võimalus piirata Eesti tervishoiukulutusi). Second prize was awarded to Kaire Ratassepp (right, in the photo) for the research titled “Estonian children and youth homes as child care establishments” ("Eesti laste- ja noortekodud kui kasvatusasutused"). The evaluation commission deemed the research of Laura Kirss, titled "Marketisation of Education: Main Threats and Problems," worth third prize.

The Auditor General pointed out the informative nature, topicality, reliability and conformity of the said research to the priority audit spheres of the State Audit Office.

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