The National Audit Office of Estonia will assume the chairmanship in the Information Technology Working Group of the European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions

Priit Simson | 7/1/2020 | 12:30 PM

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TALLINN, 1 July 2020 – The National Audit Office of Estonia will assume the chairmanship in the Information Technology Working Group of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions EUROSAI (EUROSAI IT Working Group – ITWG), the task being handed over by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland. 

In the coming years, the National Audit Office is hoping to transform the EUROSAI Information Technology Working Group (ITWG) into a competence centre to help its members to increase the impact of audits by sharing IT knowledge and improving the IT competence of the auditors in various domains. According to the ITWG work plan 2021–2024 , among other things, a research and training program will be prepared in cooperation with the auditors of other national audit offices, universities, and public sector IT specialists. This will be a valuable source of knowledge for IT auditors, as well as auditors in other domains who are inevitably exposed to IT issues in their daily work.

As the Chair of the EUROSAI ITWG, National Audit Office of Estonia intends to increase cooperation with the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions INTOSAI and, in particular, its Working Group on Information Technology Audit in order to develop, among other things, common standards and guidelines for auditing the IT field in the public sector.

The use of information technology and the means for assessing its use by stakeholders is ever increasing in the audits of the European supreme audit institutions. The public expects an assessment of the performance of information systems and the reliability of data collected therein as well as of the state authorities’ ability to use information systems in making important decisions and analyse the effectiveness of related public services. Estonia’s high reputation as an e-state creates an expectation towards the National Audit Office to notice and outline significant shortcomings that could become a hindrance to development in the field of information technology. International cooperation with the European Supreme Audit Institutions enables sharing practices and learning from the experiences of others.

The EUROSAI ITWG was established in 2002 to provide European Supreme Audit Institutions a chance to share experiences and implement joint activities in the field of IT. The members of the working group are the Supreme Audit Institutions of 41 states, and the main areas of activity include e-governance, standardisation of IT auditing, self-assessment of authorities in the field of IT, and cooperation audits.


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