Auditor General Janar Holm to attend the closing event of the Young Leaders Programme of INTOSAI Development Initiative

Toomas Mattson | 10/22/2018 | 4:45 PM

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TALLINN, 22 October 2018 - Auditor General Janar Holm will attend the closing event of the Young Leaders Programme of INTOSAI (International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions) Development Initiative (IDI) in Washington.

The IDI Young Leaders Programme began in 2017 when 25 young leaders from supreme audit institutions across the world were selected by way of a two-stage screening. The selection was based on the candidates’ letters of motivation and their strategy documents detailing the changes to be brought about in audit institutions that they represent. One of the chosen was Eva-Maria Asari from the National Audit Office of Estonia (NAOE), whose strategy on managing change focused on strengthening the ties between the NAOE and its stakeholders.

The six-month programme included communication and training, coaching, and independent work on developing and implementing the strategies for change, as well as visits to international organisations like the UN and World Bank.

In Washington, strategy outcomes will be presented and lessons learned during the programme summed up, and a decision on further action will be adopted.

Besides the programme event, Janar Holm will meet with the Comptroller General of the United States Gene Dodaro to discuss issues of mutual interest, including peer review of the European Court of Audit.

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