Representatives of supreme audit institutions of Baltic States, Poland and Finland to discuss Rail Baltic in Tallinn

Toomas Mattson | 1/25/2017 | 9:44 AM

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TALLINN, 25 January 2017 – The National Audit Office is to host a working meeting on the Rail Baltic project on 26 & 27 January attended by representatives of the supreme audit institutions of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland.

It will be the third such meeting on the issue of representatives from the supreme audit institutions of the Baltic States. Discussions will focus on the current status of the project and the experiences of Dutch and British colleagues in the field of auditing railway projects. The representatives of the national audit institutions from the Baltic States will also be talking about matters related to a potential cooperation audit. The national audit institutions of Finland and Poland have expressed their wish to be kept informed of the cooperation project between the supreme audit institutions of the Baltic States.

In accordance with the memorandum on joint intent entered into between the Auditors General of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on 20 October 2016, the supreme audit institutions of the three countries are preparing for potential cross-border auditing on the Rail Baltic project. The memorandum represents the continuation of Estonian Auditor General Alar Karis calling on his Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues in 2014 to ensure the coordination of the external auditing of the Rail Baltic project from the outset.

The primary objectives of the cooperation between the supreme audit institutions are, from an independent perspective, to monitor the progress of the project, to gather comprehensive information about it and to highlight risks so as to improve the quality of the decisions made in connection with the project in Tallinn, Rīga and Vilnius alike.


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