National Audit Office informs local authorities of risks involved in implementing administrative reforms

Helerin Kõrvemaa | 7/4/2017 | 1:24 PM

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TALLINN, 4 JULY 2017 - The National Audit Office has sent a letter to local authorities about the potential risks that may prove problematic when new local authorities are formed if not taken into account and dealt with.

In outlining these risks the National Audit Office sought to bring together the lessons learned in previous mergers for current leaders of local authorities so that the new authorities are fully prepared from the start. In order to identify potential stumbling blocks, the National Audit Office analysed and summarised experiences from previous mergers, reviewed the merger agreements of the local authorities and monitored preparations for the mergers generally. In the course of this, certain areas stood out which appear to be receiving less attention in the process of implementing the changes, whether because they are more technical in nature or because attention is simply being monopolised by the issue of whether and with whom to merge.

First and foremost, these issues affect change management, internal controls, financial accounting and management, data and resources, including the payment of redundancy benefits to local authority officials. Local authorities not involved in mergers also received a copy of the letter for reference.


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