Completion of audit on authorisation of liquid fuel import and marketing

5/26/2003 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 26 May 2003 - The SAO audited the issuing of authorisation for liquid fuel import and marketing. The audit found that the activity of officials can be given a positive evaluation because activity licence has been issued pursuant to the law, and enterprises have been treated equally.

According to the new Liquid Fuels Act taking effect at the beginning of July, authorisation for liquid fuel import and marketing is no more necessary. The SAO considers it right to waive these authorisations because there is no need for activity licences in the present situation.

The authorisation for liquid fuel import and marketing was established in order to have an overview of the enterprises operating in this market, but the Customs Board has now better opportunities to do that due to the improved payment system of excise duties.

The second aim for the establishment of authorisation was to create of a means of punishing the enterprises that sell low quality fuel. However, in that case authorisation should be withdrawn from the whole chain, which in its turn may bring about serious supply problems. Thus, such a means of punishment has not been used. Instead, fines are used because they can be implemented regardless of the existence of authorisation.

Sven Soiver
Press Representative of State Audit Office
Telephone: (372) 640 0787
GSM: (372) 53 414464

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