Baltic Auditor Generals meet in Tallinn

9/7/2023 | 2:27 PM

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TALLINN, 7 September 2023 – Today and tomorrow, on 7 and 8 September, the Estonian National Audit Office hosts the meeting of Baltic national audit offices in Tallinn. 

The purpose of the meeting is to share audit experience, discuss strategic and governance issues and the options for audit-related cooperation between the three national audit offices.

The meeting starts with a visit to the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, followed by a presentation by the expert Siim Sikkut and a discussion of the future of e-governance. Furthermore, the representatives of the three countries’ national audit offices will be sharing their experience in data analysis and in the use of digital technologies, and the related bottlenecks and options.

The discussions of the second day will focus on strategic and governance issues. The Auditor Generals of the three countries, as well as other participants, will be sharing their thoughts on the challenges faced by the supreme audit institutions, and the opportunities for development in the fast-changing environment. Whether and which changes might be seen in the audit process and in an auditor’s professional profile, is also discussed. Expert workshops in auditing the fields of education and social affairs are held in parallel, to introduce the recently completed sectoral audits and to share best practices and learning points about the audit process and the methods used.

The format for the Baltic meeting was created last year when the meeting was hosted by the Latvian State Audit Office.

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The representatives of Baltic supreme audit institutions visited the e-Estonia Briefing Centre.

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