Quality label given to online courses prepared jointly by National Audit Office and University of Tartu

Toomas Mattson | 5/2/2019 | 11:40 AM

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TALLINN, 2 May 2019 – The three environmental auditing online courses developed jointly by the National Audit Office and the University of Tartu were given the 2019 quality label of the Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA).

The highly rated massive open online courses (MOOCs) are in English and have the following names: “Introduction to Environmental Auditing in the Public Sector” (2016), “Auditing Environmental Impacts of Infrastructure” (2017) and “Auditing Water Issues” (2018).

The course “Auditing Water Issues” is also one of the six candidates for the title of online course of the year. The online course of the year 2019 will be announced on 29 May in a seminar at the University of Tartu, where the authors of the online courses that received quality labels will also be presented with their certificates.

The quality label is awarded to confirm the excellent level of the online course and recognise its author, who has achieved good results in the implementation of e-learning in the educational process. The thorough feedback given by the quality assessors about content and execution of the courses was even more important to the National Audit Office than the recognition – in addition to praise, there were also practical suggestions that can be implemented in the future.

HITSA has been awarding the online course quality label since 2008. The award of the quality label is a part of the e-learning quality process, the main goal of which is to harmonise the processes and levels of e-learning at the different educational institutions that belong to the Estonian e-University consortium and the Estonian e-Vocational School consortium.

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