National Audit Office advises journalists to avoid use of unofficial and incomplete materials

6/9/2015 | 2:49 PM

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TALLINN, 8 June 2015 – The National Audit Office does not consider it appropriate that the daily newspaper Eesti Päevaleht has today published a story entitled ‘National Audit Office: Immigration must be encouraged for economic development of Estonia’ based on a draft version of an overview of migration-related choices compiled in February/March and forwarded to a number of ministries for comment, since the views of officials from the National Audit Office are included in the final report, not in different versions of drafts. The National Audit Office has not yet completed the final version of the overview.


Eesti Päevaleht published the material despite its editorial board being aware of the fact that a draft they had obtained from one ministry was subject to restricted access and that it was a version which dated from a number of months previously. Also, a representative of the editorial board had confirmed to a representative of the National Audit Office the week before that it would avoid publishing material based on an outdated draft. This, in the view of the National Audit Office, would have been the appropriate and responsible way to behave in the interests of readers, since readers, viewers and listeners expect media publications to provide accurate and officially confirmed information.

The National Audit Office publishes its audits, overviews and other materials according to schedule when they have been completed. The National Audit Office emphasises that in quoting the views of the highest auditing authority in the state it is appropriate to do so based on the information officially provided by it, not incomplete materials obtained elsewhere.

The National Audit Office will publish its report entitled ‘Overview of choices in national migration policy: What is the role of migration is reducing the labour deficit?’ on Wednesday 17 June. An event outlining the overview will be provided for journalists. Official information about this event will be issued in due course.


Toomas Mattson
Head of Communication Service, National Audit Office
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