NAO involved as a partner in a twinning project for coaching the SAI of Jordan

Toomas Mattson | 12/1/2013 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 1 December 2013 –  Ines Metsalu, the Head of Financial Audit Department, will be visiting Amman from 1 to 5 December to attend the opening meeting of the twinning project of the Supreme Audit Institution of Jordan and, subsequently, implement a training course on financial audit.

The purpose of the five-day course is to provide an insight into the financial audit process and standard requirements on the basis of financial audit practices of the Estonian National Audit Office (NAO). The course covers the entire auditing process from audit planning to reporting, and monitoring the implementation of recommendations. The training materials include a presentation of the main requirements of the financial audit standards, and practical examples of the financial audits conducted by the NAO, incl. a presentation of the NAO's standard forms for audit documentation and the use of the TeamMate programme.

In 2013, the NAO and the Spanish SAI entered into an agreement to participate in the twinning project of the Jordanian SAI along with the SAI of the Netherlands as junior partners. The aim of the 18-month project is to enhance the institutional and auditing capacity of the Jordanian SAI. The participating project manager from the Estonian NAO is Ines Metsalu, Head of the Financial Audit Department. Primarily, the partners share their experience in the fields of financial and environmental auditing with the Jordanian colleagues.

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