Estonian National Audit Office organises 14th General Assembly and 11th Steering Committee meetings of INTOSAI WGEA in Buenos Aires

Helerin Kõrvemaa | 11/7/2011 | 8:45 AM

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TALLINN, 7 November 2011 - The Estonian National Audit Office, as the chair of INTOSAI WGEA, which unites environmental auditors from supreme audit institutions worldwide, is organising the 14th General Assembly and 11th Steering Committee meetings of INTOSAI WGEA in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 7–11 November 2011.

The main aim of the General Assembly is to obtain an interim review of the progress of developing research papers and guidance materials according to the WGEA’s current work plan for 2011-2013. Development of a compendium for the Rio+20 Congress introducing environmental audits conducted worldwide will also be discussed at the General Assembly.

The participating Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) will contribute by sharing their audit experiences on the topics in the WGEA’s work plan and will take part in sessions organised by the SAIs leading the projects in the WGEA’s work plan. Innovative audit methodology and cooperative audits will also be examined.

A variety of international organisations have been invited to make presentations at the General Assembly, such as the World Bank, Interpol, Transparency International, ACCA and OECD.

Background information

  • The Supreme Audit Institution of Argentina is hosting the 14th WGEA General Assembly and Steering Committee meetings in Buenos Aires from 7–11 November. 140 participants from 60 SAIs have registered for the event.
  • INTOSAI WGEA will issue two sets of guidance material in 2013: one for auditing water issues and the other on how to integrate fraud and corruption issues into the auditing of environmental and natural resource management. Research materials are under development in the following areas: environment and sustainability reporting; environmental data; land use and land management practices; and environmental issues associated with infrastructure.
  • The delegation of the Estonian National Audit Office consists of Auditor General Mihkel Oviir, Director and Secretary General of INTOSAI WGEA Tõnis Saar, Audit Manager Airi Andresson and senior advisors from the INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat Tuuli Rasso and Kaire Kesküla.
  • The next General Assembly of INTOSAI WGEA will take place in Estonia in 2013. The Estonian National Audit Office has been the chair of INTOSAI WGEA since 2007.
  • INTOSAI was founded in 1953. The Estonian National Audit Office became a member of INTOSAI in 1992 and of INTOSAI WGEA in 1996.

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