In memoriam Hindrek-Peeter Meri

9/29/2009 | 12:00 AM

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In memoriam Hindrek-Peeter Meri

Hindrek-Peeter Meri, the man who restored the work of the National Audit Office and was the first Auditor General after Estonia regained its independence, died at 75. Hindrek Meri was somewhat of a link between the independent Estonia before the war and the Estonia which regained its independence. When he was appointed Auditor General in 1990, he used his experience and knowledge to rebuild that same state whose disappearance he had witnessed as a child.

Hindrek Meri was born as the younger son of diplomat Georg Meri in Berlin on 21 February 1934. He was with his mother and brother Lennart Meri (President of Estonia 1992-2002) as deportees in Siberia in 1941-1946. Mr Meri graduated from the University of Tartu as an economic geographer in 1958 and worked in the State Planning Committee of the Estonian SSR in 1957-1990, including as Deputy Chairman of the Committee (and Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs after reorganisation) in 1988-1990. In 1981, Mr Meri worked as an adviser to the Vietnamese Planning Committee for nine months.

From 1990 to 1997, Hindrek Meri served Estonia as Auditor General; he laid a foundation for today's National Audit Office and headed it during the most difficult times of rebuilding the state. The persistence and integrity of Hindrek Meri had a huge influence on the development of the legal framework and best practices for using the money of Estonia and tax payers.

After seven years of service as Auditor General, Hindrek Meri was appointed Member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank of Estonia where he worked from 1998 to 2003.
The life and work of Hindrek Meri was an example of how to remain yourself during various times and how to maintain and pass on family traditions as a husband, father, grandfather and uncle. During his retirement, Mr Meri was committed to restoring his Paeküla Manor near Märjamaa. His book of recollections, Tagasivaateid veerevast vagunist (Flashbacks from a Rolling Carriage), published in 2008 received a warm public welcome as it provided an opportunity to have a glimpse into his and his family’s unique fate. Hindrek Meri was looking for truth and ended his book of recollections with the following words: Everyone should look for truth themselves.

Hindrek-Peeter Meri will remain in the memories of his colleagues and friends as a cordial, warm and caring person. His natural dignity created balance in and around him.

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