Statement by Director of Audit Ülle Madise to the press

Toomas Mattson | 1/23/2008 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 23 January 2008 - Ülle Madise, Director of Audit of Auditing Department II of the National Audit Office, has issued a statement to the press with regard to the speculation published in the Postimees newspaper (in the article ‘Countermove by Ilves: Let Indrek Teder Become Go-between’, 23.01.2008). The newspaper writes that the appointment of barrister Indrek Teder to the position of Chancellor of Justice could result in Madise becoming the new Auditor General.

Madise states: “The President invited the fractions of the parliament to name who they would be willing to support as candidates for the position of Chancellor of Justice by the end of December. The chairman of the Reform Party fraction asked me whether I would agree to nominate myself for the position should the President extend such an offer to me. I answered that I would. I was one of the apolitical candidates for the position presented to the President.

“Neither the President nor any parliamentary fraction has approached me about possibly nominating myself for the position of Auditor General. My answer to the question whether I would accept a proposal by the President to nominate myself for this position has always been and remains ‘no’. I would like to continue my work as an expert in national law. The unfounded party political connections that are being associated with me are unfairly affecting my ability to do my work effectively and independently.”

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