National Audit Office to audit progress of construction of "Freedom Monument"

Toomas Mattson | 7/16/2008 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 16 July 2008 - The National Audit Office has launched preparations for an audit which will examine a range of aspects related to the construction of the War of Independence victory monument – including cooperation between state and local government structures, project management, planning, compliance with law and use of funds.

Auditor General Mihkel Oviir says that the ‘Freedom Monument’, which was originally planned to crown the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the Estonian republic, is of national significance and that the problems associated with its construction, the possible delays its completion and the contradictory information which has been circulating as to the reasons behind both highlight the need for a comprehensive and impartial analysis to be presented to the parliament, the government and the public. The decision to construct the monument was taken by the parliament, and the National Audit Office will be the auditing body providing information to it.

“In the statement he made last week the Minister of Defence referred to problems in cooperation between the state and the local government, which in the case of something like the victory monument to the War of Independence is highly regrettable,” Oviir said. “Administrative wrangles like these have nothing but a negative impact on the trustworthiness of the state and the local government in the eyes of the public.” The Auditor General went on to add: “The National Audit Office also plans to take a close look at the problems related to the issuing of the construction permit for the monument, bringing in specialists and experts where we need to.”

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