The SAO audited the Art Museum of Estonia

8/8/2003 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 8 August 2003 - The SAO audited the economic activity and the annual financial statement of the Art Museum of Estonian. The audit revealed that it is not certain whether all the assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenditure have been recorded in the statement. Also, it is not certain whether all the recorded assets and liabilities actually exist. No corruption was discovered in the course of the audit.

The absence of some information from the statement has been caused by a conflict between the Accounting Act and the Museums Act, with the first providing a requirement for financial accounting of works of artistic value, whereas the other does not. Nevertheless, the SAO considers it essential that an overview of works of artistic value would be given at least in the acquisition cost.

It is definitely not acceptable that an inventory was made only in Mikkel Museum. Inventories of other museums were not made on the grounds that it is a very time-consuming and labour-intensive work. This does not justify the failure to make inventories of museum items, and raises doubts whether the values recorded in the documents actually exist.

In addition, the audit discovered other mistakes in the economic activity, including non-performance of public procurement contracts and mistakes in the preparation of the balance sheet. However, the SAO adds that no cases of corruption or misuse were identified in the course of the audit.

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