Activity Permits Granted by the Maritime Administration

12/2/2002 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 2 December 2002 - The State Audit Office audited the organization of the activities of the Maritime Administration, related to the issue of activity permits to entrepreneurs involved in the provision of shipping agent’s services, organization of sea freight, manufacture of ships and ship equipment, repairs and maintenance, focusing on the sufficiency of legal grounds and the necessity for the implementation of activity permits in general.

In course of audit it became obvious that the legal regulation, used by the Maritime Administration as the grounds for the issue of activity permits, is insufficient. That is to say that the conditions and procedures to be used as the grounds for giving a person the right to be involved in some kind of entrepreneurship, should arise of a legal act. In case of some of the activity permits granted by the Maritime Administration, the principles observed in the process of issue of permits did arise of legal acts of lower ranking. At the same time the audit did not detect any cases where the activity permit applicants had been rejected or treated unfairly.

According to the assessment of the State Audit Office, majority of the activity permits implemented by the Maritime Administration are substantially useless. The Maritime Administration did agree with the opinion of the State Audit Office only in part. In its response to the State Audit Office the Ministry of Economic Affairs promised to consider the recommendations and remarks made in further activities related to the rectification and amendment of legal acts.

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