Mr Jüri Kõrge started substitution for the Auditor General

8/12/2002 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 12 August 2002 - Auditor General Mr Juhan Parts adopted the directive on suspension of performing his duties from 13 August 2002 until the Parliament accepts his resignation. Chief Auditor of the Department of Audit of Operational Risks Mr Jüri Kõrge substitutes for the Auditor General from 13 August until the new Auditor General assumes office.

Mr Juhan Parts transfers his duties to Mr Jüri Kõrge today.
Mr Kõrge started his service in the State Audit Office as the deputy Head of the Department of Social Affairs in February 1991. From the end of 1992 he worked 2,5 years as the Head of the same department and after the adoption of the State Audit Office Act of 1995 as the Chief Auditor of IV Department.

After the reorganisation of the management structure of the audit office in 2000 Mr Kõrge was appointed to the post of the audit manager and from November 2001 of the Chief Auditor of the Department of Audit of Operational Risks.

President of the Republic has decorated Mr Kõrge for his conscientious long service and contribution to the restoration and development of one of the constitutional institutions of the republic with the order of Valgetäht IV class.

Sven Soiver
Press Representative of State Audit Office
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