Auditor General Janar Holm took the oath of office today

4/11/2023 | 11:52 AM

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TALLINN, 11 April 2023 – Janar Holm took the oath of office today before the plenary session of the parliament, starting his second five-year term as the Auditor General. 

On 7 February 2023, the parliament (Riigikogu) appointed Janar Holm as the Auditor General for the second term of office. 64 members of the parliament were in favour and 14 were against the appointment. For the first time, Riigikogu appointed Janar Holm as the Auditor General on 9 April 2018.

Janar Holm was born in Kuressaare (then Kingissepa) on 17 August 1976. He graduated chemistry and biology-biased high-school (Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium) in 1994 before obtaining a Bachelor’s degree cum laude in Private Law at the School of Law of the University of Tartu in 1998. He was awarded a Master’s degree (magister iuris) at the same university in 2005 for his defence of his graduation thesis, entitled ‘Ensuring educational law at the level of compulsory education and at subsequent levels of education’.

Thereafter Holm worked as the managing director of the Estonian Traders Association from 1997-1999 before joining the public service, taking up a post in the area of government of the Ministry of Education and Research, which he stayed with for 18 years. He served as a legal adviser in the ministry from 1999-2000, then as the deputy head of the ministry’s legal department from 2001-2004, while from 2004-2006 he was the director of the National Examinations and Qualifications Centre. From 2006-2007 he served as the ministry’s Deputy Secretary-General for General and Vocational Education and from 2007-2008 as the Deputy Secretary-General for Administration. Finally, he served as the ministry’s Secretary-General from 2008-2017.

In 2017 Holm moved from the Ministry of Education and Research to the Ministry of Social Affairs, where he took up the post of Deputy Secretary-General for Employment and was responsible for overseeing issues of employment and working life.

Holm is married with two children (a son and a daughter). His wife Kaili Holm works for the industrial and energy company Stora Enso Estonia.

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Photo: Erik Peinar, Riigikogu

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