Auditor General of Estonia visited Kyiv together with peers of other Baltic States, Czechia, Poland and Slovakia

6/5/2024 | 11:27 AM

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TALLINN, 05 June 2024 – Auditor General of Estonia Janar Holm and Auditors Generals of Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia as well as Vice President of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland paid a visit to Ukraine on 2-4 June 2024, accepting the invitation of the Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine (ACU) Olha Pishchanska.

The high-level delegation met with Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament Verhkovna Rada (VR), representatives of the VR Budget Committee and held meetings with the leadership and staff of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine. Additionally, various locations around the capital of Ukraine which have been affected by military attacks of the Russian Federation were visited.

Against the backdrop of military invasion, high expectations are placed on the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine to audit the use of international aid and to assess the monetary value of damages caused by the war. Various updates to the legislation regulating the work of ACU are being discussed in Verkhovna Rada.

Upon meeting the representatives of the Ukrainian parliament, the Estonian Auditor General together with his peers emphasized the importance of the SAIs’ independence, including freedom to establish work plans as well as manage budgetary and operational processes, and which should be granted by law.

At the meeting in the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, topics for potential cooperative audits were discussed together with various training formats, for example in the areas of audit methodology and digitalization. In his speech to the staff of the ACU, Janar Holm expressed his deep gratitude over the employees’ personal bravery as well as the bravery of their families, and also paid tribute to the two employees of ACU who have lost their lives in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The visit marked a first wider in-person act of support to the people of Ukraine and its supreme audit institution (SAI) by the European SAI-colleagues after the launch of Russian full-scale military aggression towards Ukraine in the beginning of 2022.

The National Audit Office of Estonia (NAOE) has had regular contacts with the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, both bilaterally as well as in various international SAI networks. In 2018, an agreement on cooperation was signed between NAOE and ACU. Both SAIs are active members of EUROSAI, the umbrella organisation for European SAIs, with the NAOE chairing EUROSAI IT Working Group and the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine is the Chair of EUROSAI Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes.

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