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Helerin Kõrvemaa | Priit Simson | 12/4/2019 | 2:17 PM

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Even though the National Audit Office does not provide public services or serve the citizens directly, it is still possible for everyone, both private persons as well as institutions and organisations, to contact us with requests for information, memoranda and requests for explanation just like they can contact any other state agency of Estonia.

The easiest way to contact the National Audit Office is to send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also send us a letter by regular mail to National Audit Office, Kiriku 2/4, 15013 Tallinn, Estonia.

The National Audit Office will send its response within the period of time stipulated by law – the length of this period depends on whether you sent us a request for information or a memorandum/request for explanation.

Requests for information can be used to ask the National Audit Office for any information, such as a document that already exists or has been prepared by the National Audit Office in the course of its work or received by the National Audit Office from elsewhere. You will receive our response to your request for information within five working days after registration of the request.

Memoranda can be used to draw the National Audit Office’s attention to a general problem in the work of the office. You can use memoranda to make proposals about the organisation of the institution's or organisation’s work or developing the area and giving us information.

Requests for explanation can be used to request opinions, interpretations or practical general information that have not been directly documented. Responding to these requests required collection of facts from different sources or analyses of existing information.

The National Audit Office responds both to memoranda and requests for explanation pursuant to the procedure set out by law, which is generally not later than within 30 calendar days of registration of the letter. A detailed description of the rules of responding to requests for information and letters can be found in the Records Management Procedure of the National Audit Office.

Explanations about requests for information, requests for explanation and memoranda are given by the Communication Manager:

Priit Simson
Communication Manager
Tel +3726400777
Mob +37256150280
e-post: [email protected]

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