Structure of the National Audit Office

Toomas Mattson | Helerin Kõrvemaa | 10/26/2017 | 2:04 PM

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The National Audit Office is led by the Auditor General, who is appointed to office for a term of five years by the Riigikogu (parliament) on the proposal of the President.

The National Audit Office is divided into two structural units – the Audit Department that deals with the principal activity, i.e. carries out financial, compliance and performance audits, and the Development and Administrative Service, which supports the Audit Department and the Auditor General in the performance of their functions.

The Audit Department is led by the Director of Audit, who coordinates the work of the sectoral audit groups. There are seven audit groups that focus on sectors such as the environment and sustainable development; education, work, social protection and health; infrastructure and major investments, internal and external security, information technology, local governments and accounting, reporting and financial management. The audit groups are managed by audit managers.

The Development and Administrative Service is managed by the Director, who coordinates the performance of the work of the National Audit Office and supports the Auditor General in areas such as methodology, planning and analysis; HR management; external communication; communication, accounting; methodology, planning and analysis; building management, and records management, etc.

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