Toomas Mattson | 7/17/2018 | 1:33 PM

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The website of the National Audit Office also uses cookies that are required for making certain decisions, e.g. whether to display the design of the website to the user in dark or light shades. Cookies also help determine whether the user prefers to read the website in Estonian, Russian or English, and whether to display the mobile version of the website to the user or not.

You can opt out of these cookies at any time by changing the settings of the browser on the device you are using and deleting the cookies stored.

Cookies used on the website





Used to retain the user’s website background colour (dark or light) preference.



Used to retain the user’s website language (Estonian, English or Russian) preference.



Used to decide whether the website is displayed to the user in its ordinary or mobile version.



Used to retain information as to whether the user agreed to the terms and conditions of cookie file usage or the corresponding warning should be shown again.


The website of the National Audit Office also uses analytical cookies that collect information about how the website pages are used, for instance, which pages are visited most frequently and whether the users get any error messages on the website pages. These cookies do not collect information that enables direct identification of the website user. But analytical monitoring of computer usage can result in indirect identification of the user.

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