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Margit Kuusk | 1/11/2018 | 9:52 AM

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Through the register of documents of the National Audit Office you can access electronic documents registered as of 1 January 2009, which are not subject to access restrictions. Meta data has been published on earlier documents.

Upon performing a search in the register of documents you should fill in at least two fields, e.g. the type and date of the document (letter) or you should use the natural language search that searches over the meta data of documents.

You can make queries regarding three document types:
- letters;
- contracts;
- directives.

If the document searched cannot be found in the register, submit a request for information. In the case of a paper document that contains delicate personal data or is meant only for internal use only the meta data can be seen in the register, but no document has been added.

To submit a request for information we recommend using the form on this website or send it to e-mail address You can also send a request for information by regular mail to: National Audit Office, Narva mnt 11a, 15013, Tallinn, Estonia or send it by fax at +372 661 6012.

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