How to use the document register


Document register enables you to search for documents by entering a keyword in full text search or specifying data separately. There is a logical AND between search requirements, i.e. the program will search for documents corresponding to all entered requirements.

At least one of the following fields must be filled in for the search: From Whom, To Whom, Date of Registration, No. of Letter, Registration No., Official handling the document, Full text search.

Example: If you wish to search for a document you posted on 01.04.09, you should enter a name in the “From Whom” field and choose 01.04.09 as the beginning date in the field “Date of Registration”, and then click on “Search” (you can leave the end date blank, the search will then cover all documents till the present day).

By clicking on search results main information on the document as well as related documents shall be displayed. If necessary, you can enter more than one search requirement.

To ensure protection of privacy, names of persons are not displayed for letters sent by natural persons.

Basis and deadlines for documents with restriction on access are available in the list of documents by documents’ serial code, i.e. index (Index 9-9/09/).


Retention period
Responsible person
Restriction on access
Means of preservation/
Correspondence, inquiries, memoranda, petitions, requests for information,
requests for explanation, etc.
5 years
Communications Service
On paper
Document management system