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Margit Kuusk | 5/16/2010 | 9:45 AM

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Acceptance of digitally signed documents 

Since there is no difference in Estonia whether a document has been signed on paper or digitally, the National Audit Office also accepts digitally signed documents. We kindly ask you to send your documents to riigikontroll@riigikontroll.ee.

The DigiDoc Client software developed by the Estonian Certification Centre is used for acceptance of digitally signed documents and verification of the validity of digital signatures.

A digitally signed document should preferably be in the *.txt, *.rtf, *.pdf or *.jpg format and not contain any altering parts (or links changing the contents of the letter).

If the digital signature certificate of a sent document is invalid or the document is not in an acceptable file format, the Administrative Service of the National Audit Office will notify thereof by e-mail or phone.

Issue of digitally signed documents

The National Audit Office supports the principle of paperless records management. If the addressee of a document to be sent is another institution or person who can receive digitally signed documents, the digital manner of forwarding is preferred.

The rights of the officials of the National Audit Office upon signing documents have been specified in the National Audit Office Act and in a procedure approved by the Auditor General.

An official of the National Audit Office has the right to sign documents and letters related to their primary activity or belonging to the area of representation, which have been addressed to an official holding an equal or lower position.

The audit director (in special events arising from the National Audit Office Act, the Auditor General) signs the audit report and procedure notice. The audit manager (audit project manager) signs working documents of the audit.
The authenticity of a digital confirmation can be verified through the DigiDoc portal on the Internet at https://digidoccheck.sk.ee/ or using the DigiDoc client program (for further information see http://www.digidoc.ee).

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