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Over the years, the National Audit Office has prepared or published various resources.

The subpages of the section “Other publications” present books about the history of National Audit Office and Estonia.

“Fatum. Estonia’s Road to Destruction 1939-1940. Diary of Auditor General Karl Soonpää from 1939-1940. Background of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Documents and Materials (compiled by Küllo Arjakas, designed by Andres Tali). The 840-page book describes the fatal background of these important years in words and pictures.

“National Audit Office 1918-2008” (compiled by Küllo Arjakas and Toomas Mattson, designed by Andres Tali). The collection is an overview of the history of the National Audit Office and the people who have made this history.

“Refuge. Living in the shadow of Toom. The noblemen's palaces at Kiriku 2 and 4. Toompea through the centuries” (written by art historian Juhan Maiste, designed by Peeter Laurits and edited by Kadri Asmer). The book speaks about Toompea as the heart of power over the centuries, its formation, mentality, the nobility as a spiritual refuge, a kind of refuge in a changing world,as well as the complex of palaces on Toompea behind St Mary's Cathedral at Kiriku 2/4, which is where the National Audit Office of Estonia has resided since 2016.

These subpages also include historical reviews such as “The Activites of State Institutions in the Year 1938/39” and "1939/40 State Budget of the Republic of Estonia”. Facsimile editions were issued as a working material for the State Budget Control Committee of the Parliament for discussions on budget transparency and clarity of presentation and government reporting.


There are also some other materials related to the National Audit Office presented on these sub-pages.

“E-state charter or everyone’s rights in e-state” is an overview completed in 2018 by the National Audit Office and the Chancellor of Justice, which the users of public services can check to see which rights they have when communicating with the agencies in e-state and make sure that they have been followed.

In 2003, to celebrate its 85th anniversary, the National Audit Office published the timeless comedy "The Inspector General” by N. V. Gogol as a corporate publication.

The report of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Central and Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Malta and the European Court of Auditors “Relations Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Parliamentary Committees”, published in 2003, gives an overview of the SAI's cooperation with parliaments and makes suggestions on how to improve them.

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