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Toomas Mattson | 11/17/2015 | 2:00 PM

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The National Audit Office and publishing company SE&JS published two books in spring 2009 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the National Audit Office: collection of the historical materials of the National Audit Office “National Audit Office 1918-2008" and the diary of the pre-war Auditor General Karl Soonpää from the years 1939 to 1940.

The book “Fatum. Estonia’s Road to Destruction 1939-1940. Diary of Auditor General Karl Soonpää from 1939-1940. Background of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Documents and Materials (compiled by Küllo Arjakas, designed by Andres Tali) contains the diary of Auditor General Karl Soonpää (from 1939 to 1940) and political, diplomatic and military documents, articles, letters, source materials and photos from the end of the 1930s and the start of the 1940s.

The 840-page book describes the fatal background of these important years in words and pictures. “Fatum” is so far one of the most detailed ones among all the books published about this extremely tragic epoch and many unique photos and documents were published in Estonia for the first time (there are 350 photos in total).

The documents, which are supported with comments and photos, also give a frightening reflection of the present day.

Publisher Sirje Endre said that “Fatum” could be the teacher and the guide into the future for those who wish to understand or explain to themselves the problems that Estonia, Europe and the whole world are facing today.

The collection “National Audit Office 1918-2008 (compiled by Küllo Arjakas and Toomas Mattson, designed by Andres Tali) is an overview of the history of the National Audit Office and the people who have made this history. The book contains stories about the annual activities of the National Audit Office, materials from archives and newspapers, laws and regulations, and other documents and photos.

Years are not the same and this means that the history of the National Audit Office, which consists of two stages, also contains periods of bigger and lesser significance. This is why the different years discussed in the book vary in volume and detail. There is no doubt that all years deserve to be individually studied and this collection is the attempt to lay the first foundation to recording the institution’s history.

The book also contains a chronology of social and political events for each year, which gives information about the work of the National Audit Office as well as the events that occurred in the Republic of Estonia.

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Front cover of "Fate. Estonia's road to ruin 1939-1940. Diary of Auditor General Karl Soonpää from 1939-1940".