State Budget Control Select Committee

11/17/2015 | 11:15 AM

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The objective of the Committee is to ensure economical, efficient, effective and lawful use of the state assets and budget funds by the Government, and to exercise, in cooperation with the State Audit Office, control over the activities of the Government in the implementation of state budget.

The Committee:

  • reviews the consolidated report on the previous financial year of the Republic, and the Auditor's Report thereof;
  • reviews issues concerning auditing of the public sector;
  • discusses audit reports and overviews by the State Audit Office and important questions raised by the Auditor General;
  • informs the State Audit Office about problems communicated to members of the Committee by authorities and private persons;
  • forms an opinion, based on the information received from the State Audit Office, on cases of obstruction of its activities.

The Committee reports to the Riigikogu at least once a year.
The Committee was formed on 5th of May 2011.

Mihhail Stalnuhhin
Margus Hanson
Annely Akkermann
Tatjana Jaanson
Inara Luigas
Jüri Morozov
Aivar Rosenberg
Priit Sibul
Tarmo Tamm


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