Security rules

Margit Kuusk | 9/27/2017 | 2:17 PM

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Access to the building of the National Audit Office is not public. Guests entering the building are welcomed by a guard who has the right to ask them for an identity document. All guests are registered and allowed to move in the building only when accompanied by an employee of the National Audit Office. The guard contacts the employee with whom an appointment has been made or ushers the guest to a meeting room. After the visit the guard registers the guest’s departure.

In the event of a visit that has not been agreed in advance or that is not directly related to the audit goals of the National Audit Office the guard contacts the Development Service or the Administrative Service whose representative ascertains the purpose of the visit and acts according to the situation.

In the event of possible emergencies (fire, bomb threat, etc.) guests are obligated to follow the orders of the officials of the National Audit Office.

It is prohibited to bring firearms and bladed weapons, explosives, chemicals, radioactive sources, devices that may disturb the work of the technical equipment and computer network of the National Audit Office, narcotic substances and anything else that may pose a threat to people, the building or technical equipment. Guests may not bring live animals or birds to the building of the National Audit Office either.

Photographs can be taken and audio and video recordings can be made in the building of the National Audit Office only with the permission of a representative of the National Audit Office. Smoking in the building is not permitted. It is prohibited to light and use open fire.

Any items left behind in the National Audit Office building (umbrellas, document folders, etc.) can generally be collected from the guard’s station. Special measures, including on-the-spot destruction, may be applied if there are suspicions that an item may not be safe.

The building of the National Audit Office is open on working days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The surroundings of the National Audit Office are under video surveillance 24/7 and the movement of persons is recorded for security reasons.

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