Auditor General Mihkel Oviir participates in the conference "The Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in Fighting Fraud and Corruption"

Toomas Mattson | 9/19/2006 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 19 September 2006 - September 19-21 the Auditor General, Mihkel Oviir, the Director of Corporate Services, Tõnis Saar, and the Head of International Relations Service, Rein Söörd, will participate in a EUROSAI conference in Kiev (the Ukraine), where the role of the supreme audit institutions in fighting fraud and corruption is discussed. There will be two plenary sessions headed by Sergey Stepashyn, the Chairman of the Court of Auditors of the Russian Federation, and Miroslav Sekula, the President of the Polish Supreme Court of Auditors. The Auditor General will make a presentation on the prevention of corruption and the Estonian National Audit Office.

The conference celebrates the 10th anniversary of establishment of the Ukrainian Court of Auditors.

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