Auditor General Alar Karis attended annual meeting of the Contact Committee of EU SAIs held in Lithuania

Toomas Mattson | 10/12/2013 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 12 October 2013 – On 10-11 October, the Contact Committee of the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of EU Member States and the European Court of Audit held its meeting in Vilnius which was attended by the Auditor General, Alar Karis, and the Head of International Relations Service, Tuuli Rasso.

The main items on the agenda included the new EU financial framework for 2014-2020, the new Financial Regulation, the new economic governance system, and the role of SAIs in the context of these changes. Alar Karis presented the vision of the National Audit Office of Estonia concerning the role of SAIs. The participants summed up the activities of the working groups and cooperation networks of the Contact Committee over the last year, presented joint audit projects and important actions, and adopted resolutions concerning further operations:

  • Resolution on the Continuation of the Fiscal Policy Audit Network;
  • Resolution on the 2014 future activities of the EU SAIs Contact Committee;
  • Resolution on the Audit of the Working Group on Structural Funds;
  • Resolution on Public Sector Accounting Standards for European Member States;
  • Resolution on the Publication of the final report of the Coordinated audit on the enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation.

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