The Auditor General sent "The Government Inspector" to Siim Kallas

Toomas Mattson | 8/13/2004 | 12:00 AM

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TALLINN, 13 August 2004 - Mihkel Oviir, the Auditor General, congratulated Siim Kallas on accession to the office of vice-president of the European Commission by sending a copy of Nikolai Gogol’s “The Government Inspector” and delivering his best wishes for successful work for the benefit of all Europe.

Spheres to be administrated by Kallas in the European Commission include both audit-related and anti-fraud activities.

Mihkel Oviir, the Auditor General, wrote: “The State Audit Office sees you as a strong and proficient partner with whom we share a common goal – to ensure that no cent – either an Estonian cent or a euro cent – is wasted and that the officials with whom taxpayers have entrusted the use of their money in common interests are as diligent as possible and serve the people.”

The Auditor General concluded that the office of vice-president of the European Commission would be an appropriate challenge and opportunity for a visionary like Kallas to implement the unique experience gained in building up the present-day Estonia for reforming the European Commission. Oviir stated: “Since many elements of the reforms that are underway in Europe in the sphere of financial management and supervision are really functioning in Estonia now, the State Audit Office will always be ready to share its experience with its partners in Europe.”

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