National Audit Office to host an e-seminar on public sector ICT spending attended by supreme audit institutions from Europe and beyond

4/24/2024 | 10:13 AM

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TALLINN, 24 April 2024 – National Audit Office of Estonia is hosting the EUROSAI IT Working Group e-Seminar „Government Spending on ICT – Under Control?“ today.

The Chair of EUROSAI ITWG, Auditor General of Estonia Janar Holm will greet the global audience of the e-seminar with a welcome speech. Keynote presentations on pricing of state ICT services as well as risks and opportunities of ICT procurement will be made by Marko Arula from the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment, and Marko Nemberg from the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and Trinidad Wiseman Ltd., respectively. Both keynote speakers will further be accompanied by the representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the Netherlands and France in a panel discussion about sustainable management of ICT projects’ lifecycle.

Various perspectives and results of audits related to public sector IT-costs will be shared at the seminar by the SAIs of Italy, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. The representative of the SAI of Algeria will make a topical presentation as a special guest at the event. Audit Manager Toomas Viira will introduce the experiences of the National Audit Office of Estonia in auditing public sector IT investments and costs.

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