Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

Title Status
A long-term view of the prison system Work in progress
Accuracy of the annual accounts of 2022 and regularity of the transactions of the state Work in progress
Compliance of teachers with qualification requirements and subject competence Work in progress
Defence procurement Work in progress
Estonian language training in a Russian-language basic school Work in progress
Organisation of home services Work in progress
Performance of the Estonian health care quality assessment system Work in progress
Preparedness to implement the national defence action plan Work in progress
Prevention of work capability decrease Work in progress
Responsible and informed lending and consumer protection in the case of consumer loans from non-bank creditors Work in progress
Security audit of server, communication and office rooms Work in progress
Security of electricity supply in Estonia Work in progress
State subsidies and their company-based management Work in progress
The State Forest Management Centre as the manager of forests Work in progress
Traffic safety on roads and railroads Work in progress
Обзор использования и сохранности государственного имущества в 2022–2023 гг. Work in progress
Action plan of Ida-Viru County Not started
Capacity of the Estonian state to receive allied units Not started
Case study of government invested enterprises Not started
Development of internal control in local authorities on the example of Kohtla-Järve Not started
Effectiveness of development of services related to life events Not started
Efforts of the state and local authorities in supporting people with disabilities Not started
Management of the Rail Baltica infrastructure. Joint audit with the supreme audit institutions of Latvia and Lithuania Not started
Organising emergency medical care Not started
Security of supply of transport fuel Not started
Sustainability of the Estonian pension system Not started
Training and development of teachers and ensuring future generations Not started