Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

Title Status
Accuracy of Annual Accounts 2021 and regularity of transactions of the state Work in progress
Continuity of vital services in local authorities (overview) Work in progress
Dental care benefit for adults Work in progress
Detection of social problems among the elderly, and prevention of intensification thereof by local governments Work in progress
Discovery of malignant tumours and referral of patient to treatment Work in progress
Effectiveness of establishing Internet access networks Work in progress
Ensuring the quality of local road maintenance Work in progress
Forest felling in protected areas Work in progress
Grants for renovating housing Work in progress
Organisation of postal service Work in progress
Overview of the use and preservation of state assets in 2020–2021 Work in progress
Preparation of people’s reserve for national defence and internal security Work in progress
State subsidies that undermine environmental objectives Work in progress
The design of school network Work in progress
Estonian language training in a Russian-language basic school Not started
Impact of measures related to the corona crisis on the revenue and expenditure of local authorities Not started
Overview of the use and preservation of state assets in 2021–2022 Not started
Use of plant protection products and its impact on biodiversity Not started