Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

Title Status
Accuracy of the annual accounts of 2022 and regularity of the transactions of the state Work in progress
Database access management Work in progress
Effectiveness of the management of subsistence benefit as national social assistance Work in progress
Estonian language training in a Russian-language basic school Work in progress
Financing local authorities from the support fund Work in progress
Forest felling in protected areas Work in progress
Opinion of the National Audit Office on the annual accounts of the Baltic Defence College of 2020 and 2021 Work in progress
Overview of the use and preservation of state assets in 2021–2022 Work in progress
Preparedness to implement the national defence action plan Work in progress
Prevention of work capability decrease Work in progress
Security of electricity supply in Estonia Work in progress
Security of supply of construction minerals Work in progress
State subsidies and their company-based management Work in progress
Sustainability of funding national roads Work in progress
Development of internal control in local authorities Not started
Management of state software and IT developments Not started
Security audit of server, communication and office rooms Not started
The State Forest Management Centre as the manager of forests Not started
Обзор использования и сохранности государственного имущества в 2022–2023 гг. Not started