Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

Title Status
Access to education support services Work in progress
Accuracy of the annual accounts for 2019 and lawfulness of the transactions of the state Work in progress
Audit on the accounting of the Estonian Internal Security Service Work in progress
Availability and use of data for smart state management Work in progress
Coordinated activities on banking resolution (international audit) Work in progress
Development of environmental information systems Work in progress
Effectiveness of the e-residency programme Work in progress
Higher education reform and labour needs Work in progress
Internal control of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund over funding health services Work in progress
Internal control system and procurement for the Rail Baltic project Work in progress
Management of information technology in the public sector Work in progress
Opinion of the National Audit Office on the annual accounts of the Baltic Defence College for 2018 Work in progress
Organisation and impact of land improvement on the environment Work in progress
Organisation of public procurement in state authorities Work in progress
Overview of business diplomacy* Work in progress
Overview of functioning of e-health service system Work in progress
Overview of risks of the state’s budget policy Work in progress
Overview of the use and preservation of state assets in 2018–2019 Work in progress
Planning and implementation of major projects by the government sector Work in progress
Supporting entrepreneurship and creating jobs in rural areas Work in progress
Use of welfare data collected by local authorities Work in progress
Access to welfare service Not started
County public transport Not started
Effectiveness of the occupational health system Not started
Performing state functions through foundations Not started
Planning and cost-efficiency of procurement related to defence Not started