Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

2018 | All years

Title Status
Attainment of objectives of the higher education reform Work in progress
Audit on the 2017 Annual Report of the Baltic Defence College Work in progress
Economic activities of the Office of the President of the Republic Work in progress
Effectiveness of probation supervision Work in progress
Emergency medical care Work in progress
EUROSAI cooperative audit on air pollution Work in progress
Food safety measures implemented by the government (follow-up audit) Work in progress
Implementation and transparency of public procurement Work in progress
Internal control system and procurement for the Rail Baltic project Work in progress
Management of software development risks in the public sector Work in progress
Overview of forestry and timber use Work in progress
Overview of the use and preservation of state assets in 2017 and 2018 Work in progress
Processing of hazardous and radioactive waste (follow-up activities) Work in progress
Rescue services’ readiness for water rescue operations Work in progress
Transactions between local governments and their companies Work in progress
Use of advertising and publicity funds by rural municipalities and cities Work in progress
Activities of the Government of the Republic in planning and managing national development and drafting the state budget Not started
Disease prevention and health promotion Not started
Planning and implementation of major projects by the government sector Not started
Sustainability of government-sponsored water infrastructure (follow-up audit) Not started