Audit plan

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Organisation of the Estonian maritime sector

The objective of the audit is to analyse the organisation and development trends of the Estonian maritime sector. More specifically, it looks at what has been done to address the issues identified in the 2011 audit of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Area of government Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Interior
Institution to be audited
Audit Department
Director of Audit Märt Loite
Audit Team Märt Loite, Liina Lubi, Dmitri Teras
Audit Number 80104


Planned Start 1st half of 2022 Actual Start 1st half of 2022
Planned End 2nd half of 2022 Actual End
Status Published
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Created on 1/13/2022
Last modified on 9/2/2022
Last reviewed on 9/2/2022