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Risks and lessons learned from using European Union funding

The overview analyses how the forecasting of aid and the monitoring of actual use of aid is organised. Focus will be on the areas of government that manage the structural funds . It also examines whether and which bottlenecks (for example, in the rules, the implementation system, processes, etc. of using funds at the level of the European Union or the state) hinder the well managed and purposeful use of grants and have led to the underutilisation/over-forecasting of foreign aid. In doing so, the substantive impact of such bottlenecks on the achievement of the objectives of the area of government is assessed. In addition, it is clarified whether and how the lessons learned so far reflect the planning of the use of the money of foreign funds for the 2022+ period.

Area of government Ministry of Finance
Institution to be audited State Chancellery
Audit Department Analysis Department
Director of Audit Märt Loite
Audit Team Märt Loite, Ermo Liedemann
Audit Number 80099


Planned Start 1st half of 2022 Actual Start 1st half of 2022
Planned End 2nd half of 2022 Actual End 2nd half of 2022
Status Published
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Created on 12/23/2021
Last modified on 9/21/2022
Last reviewed on 9/21/2022