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Overview of business diplomacy*

The objective of the overview is to examine how state institutions organise their actions and resources in supporting Estonian businesses on international markets, with an emphasis on the work of foreign representations and representatives.
The overview looks at Estonian business diplomacy at different levels and in different institutions. It analyses how business diplomacy is targeted and steered in different agencies; the kinds of activities, tools (visits, receptions, meetings, representation costs, business delegations, participation in trade fairs, networks and information channels) and resources are used; how different agencies cooperate and divide their responsibilities; and what factors hinder the achievement of the goals set.

*Business diplomacy means, in general, all of the activities of the state aimed at the outside world that increase the international competitiveness of the Estonian economy, which is expressed as growing exports, boosting attractiveness to foreign investors and the number of visits by foreign tourists and increased awareness and the improved reputation of the state on foreign markets. Source: Estonian Business Diplomacy Strategy

Area of government Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Rural Affairs, Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Culture
Institution to be audited State Chancellery, Chancellery of the Riigikogu, Office of the President
Audit Department Analysis Department
Director of Audit
Audit Team Liina Lubi, Ermo Liedemann, Roel Burov
Audit Number 80047


Planned Start 2nd half of 2019 Actual Start 2nd half of 2019
Planned End 1st half of 2020 Actual End
Status Work in progress
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Created on 7/9/2019
Last modified on 8/5/2019
Last reviewed on 8/5/2019