Audit plan

(There are titles that may change during the audit)

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Effectiveness of the occupational health system

The objective of the audit is to assess whether the current occupational health system guides the parties involved towards prevention of loss of ability to work, and to establish whether costs arising from negative impacts of the work environment are covered by the party causing the same.

Area of government Ministry of social affairs
Institution to be audited
Audit Department
Director of Audit Ines Metsalu-Nurminen
Audit Team Mart Vain, Thea Teinemaa, Pille Kuusepalu
Audit Number 80042


Planned Start 2nd half of 2019 Actual Start
Planned End 2nd half of 2020 Actual End
Status Not started
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Created on 11/26/2018
Last modified on 1/31/2019
Last reviewed on 1/31/2019