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Coordinated activities on banking resolution (international audit)

With the international audit it is intended to provide Governments and Parliaments of the eurozone states an overview of the establishment of the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM).
- How prepared are the financial supervision authorities of eurozone states for the resolution of banks?
- What are the similarities and differences between different states in terms of resolution planning?
- Can the highest audit authorities audit the resolution planning efforts?

Area of government Ministry of Finance
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Audit Department
Director of Audit Ines Metsalu-Nurminen
Audit Team Ingrid Hindrikson, Merje Kurm, Veikko Kapsta
Audit Number 80029


Planned Start 1st half of 2019 Actual Start 1st half of 2019
Planned End 1st half of 2020 Actual End 1st half of 2020
Status Published
Audit Files
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Created on 11/26/2018
Last modified on 1/18/2021
Last reviewed on 1/18/2021