Audit plan

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The role of local authorities in promoting business

The objective of the audit is to review the measures of support used by local governments thus far, as well as assistance provided in other forms which are aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas. Therefore, the audit analyses the content and functionality of these measures, and whether the proposed measures meet the expectations of business operators.

Area of government Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Finance, Local Governments
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Audit Department
Director of Audit Ines Metsalu-Nurminen
Audit Team Illar Tõnisson, Elin Vako, Tambet Drell
Audit Number 80028


Planned Start 1st half of 2019 Actual Start 2nd half of 2019
Planned End 1st half of 2020 Actual End 1st half of 2020
Status Published
Audit Files
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Created on 11/26/2018
Last modified on 5/4/2020
Last reviewed on 5/4/2020