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EUROSAI cooperative audit on air pollution

Several European national audit offices are organising a cooperative audit about ambient air.
In the course of this, every national audit office will analyse the problems related to the protection of ambient air in their state, the measures developed to resolve them and the application of the measures.
The National Audit Office of Estonia will not carry out a full national audit, but will submit data about the quality of ambient air in Estonia, the objectives of its preservation and improvement as well as the ways of achieving them, the authorities related to ambient air and the functions assigned to them.

Area of government Ministry of the Environment
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Audit Department
Director of Audit Ines Metsalu-Nurminen
Audit Team Alar Jürgenson, Airi Andresson
Audit Number 70124


Planned Start 1st half of 2017 Actual Start 1st half of 2017
Planned End 1st half of 2017 Actual End
Status Work in progress
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Created on 1/3/2017
Last modified on 12/15/2017
Last reviewed on 12/15/2017