Audit plan

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Financing of the IT area from European Union support

Answers to the following questions will be sought in the course of the audit:
1. Which IT activities are currently financed from EU support?
2. How big are the expenses of the IT activities currently financed from EU support?
3. In the event of a decrease in EU support, will the IT activities have to continue in a higher, the same or a smaller extent in terms of financing, or can they be abandoned altogether?
4. If the manner in which the activities are financed were to change, how would this influence the accessibility and/or quality of public services and e-services?

Area of government Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Audit Department
Director of Audit Ines Metsalu-Nurminen
Audit Team Toomas Viira, Alo Lääne, Jevgeni Lazartšuk
Audit Number 70115


Auditi number Riigikontrolli asjaajamissüsteemis 70115

Planned Start 2nd half of 2016 Actual Start 2nd half of 2016
Planned End 1st half of 2017 Actual End 2nd half of 2017
Status Published
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Created on 1/14/2016
Last modified on 12/5/2017
Last reviewed on 12/5/2017