Audit plan

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Problems related to the use of European Union and other infrastructure support in local governments

The objective is to give an overview of the European Union support granted to local governments (how much, to whom and for what purpose), and highlight the problems related to the support, such as development obstacles, violations, repayments, excessive bureaucracy, etc.

Area of government Local Governments
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Local Governments'Audit Department
Director of Audit Airi Mikli
Audit Team Karin Rajapu, Alvar Nõuakas, Sigrid Rajangu
Audit Number 50092


Planned Start 2nd half of 2016 Actual Start 2nd half of 2016
Planned End 1st half of 2017 Actual End 2nd half of 2017
Status Published
Audit Files
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Created on 1/13/2016
Last modified on 12/11/2017
Last reviewed on 12/11/2017